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tong die Tong Dies
Tong dies are the main element in manual tongs which are used for tightening or loosening of tool joints while running in or pulling out tubulars.
Kelco Dies (K-20, K-25, K-30, K-50, K-70)
Drill Pipe Tong Dies

 sd insert        Slip Inserts
Slip inserts provide the gripping surfaces for Rotary, Drill Collar, and Casing Slips.  They are manufacutured in a variety of sizes from basic to reducing to meet your drilling application. 

Cavin® (Model C) Slip
C1 Drill Collar Slip
CMS Casing Slip
DCS Drill Collar Slip
DU Rotary Slip
UC-3 Casing Slip
Varco® (SD) Rotary Slip
Woolley® Type "A" Slip
Woolley® Type "B" Slip

  Elevator Insert    Elevator Inserts
Slip-Type Elevator inserts provide full insert contact to firmly grip casing or tubing.  They are manufactured in sizes from basic to reducing as well as multiple tooth patterns to meet your drilling applications.

LYT Elevator
MYT Elevator
YT Elevator
HYT Elevator
YC Elevator
HYC Elevator

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Tong dies, rotary slip inserts, casing slip inserts, drill collar slip inserts, elevator inserts